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Sumer Innovations

Sumer innovations provide limitlless support to their clients in various fields of engineering and technologies.

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Structural Engineering

Structural engineering falls under the umbrella of civil engineering. Structural engineers design structures to be stable and sturdy enough to avoid collapsing under extended weight loads. The design of the structure is an essential step in its foundation.

Our principal engineer has ten years of experience implementing concrete-framed and standard steel structures. Whatever the building type, the Sumer Innovations structural design team fulfills your personalized project goals by offering top-quality contract documents, experienced engineers and scientists, and state-of-the-art technologies. 

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to structural design services. This approach, coupled with our experience in construction administration, helps us provide seamless services, including:

  • Residential Building designs
  • Commercial Building designs
  • General engineering designs
  • Concrete Framed Structures
  • Steel Framed Structures
  • Deep & Shallow Foundation Design
  • Timber Framed Structures
  • Cranes
  • Specialty Equipment Support Systems
  • Vaults and Tunnels
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Structural Engineering Support

Determining and calculating the effects of internal forces and loads on an object, building, or structure is a tedious task. It has essential significance for structural engineers. It helps them comprehensively understand all the load paths involved and the impacts of those loads on the engineering design in question. This allows designers or engineers to ensure a piece of structure or equipment is safe enough to be used within the estimated load it is expected to endure. This task may be performed at any step, including post-construction, testing, or even design. It generally accounts for the applied loads, the geometry of the structure, and the materials used in the design.

At Sumer Innovations, a variety of software is to be used by the engineers to perform the analysis and design of structures and ensure their compliance with the design codes. Whether to use a software or not and which software to use, experts at Sumer Innovations will provide high-quality support. In general, complex structures such as bridges and high-rise buildings require advanced 3D Finite Element and BIM Software.

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Construction Engineering

Sumer Innovations offers the following construction assistance benefits to the construction sector:

  • Unforeseen Construction Problem Solutions
  • Owner Reports and Field/Site Inspections
  • Meetings with the Engineer of Record

The team at Sumer Innovations specializes in techniques for construction professionals and residential housing to offer technical support to our clients. We do this by evaluating existing designs and closely monitoring the construction progress of the contractors. We closely follow and supervise project progress to achieve the design intent. We also guide clients towards better and purposeful use of their acquired resources.

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Engineering Outsourcing

Our partnership with all engineering disciplines can provide complete construction services that cover all your needs. Sumer Innovations is the one-stop where you can find all engineering disciplines working closely with you and coordinating your project effectively. Here, your project can proceed smoothly without the hassle of hiring different engineering companies, which may delay your project and not coordinate the designs accurately. Through our network, we can bring different engineering specialties together, including:

  • Civil Engineers
  • MEP Engineers
  • Geotechnical Engineers
  • Specialty Engineers

Reach us today to discuss your next project with us so we can connect you with the right engineers.

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AI-Driven Approach

It is a method that relies on data to drive a decision at a much faster speed than the traditional methods. Whether the task is to design a bridge foundation or to understand complicated trends, the executives and engineers can use the power of AI to improve the exiting design of a system or product to better serve their clients. That product or system may have been repeatedly done via software, hardware, hand calculations, or notes for a long time to the point where a pile of data has been accumulated.

Intel-x Engineering Technologies facilitates clients in optimizing their businesses, boost productivity, and deliver advanced innovations to provide them competitive leverage. This is done using our top-of-the-line artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) expertise. We offer you the results you need by bringing in the best and most trustworthy experts, with those on top priority who have the most experienced data analysis of the previously-made projects.

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Intelligent Predictive Analysis

A branch of advanced analytics, intelligent predictive analytics, makes predictions about future events that are currently unknown. It draws from several techniques ranging from artificial intelligence, machine learning, modeling, statistics, and data mining to future predictions after analyzing current market data.

To apply intelligent predictive analysis, Intel-x Engineering Technologies takes the following 5 steps to build a data-driven culture:

  • Define the business result that needs to be achieved
  • Extract relevant data from all sources available
  • Use data cleaning methods to improve data quality
  • Build your own model or select predictive analytics solutions to test the generated data
  • Validate and evaluate the predictive model to make sure it is robust
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Data Engineering

Data in real life is noisy as well as messy, or there may be no data available at all. A lot of time goes into how data scientists create, clean and transform data to make it ready to be modeled or analyzed further. We follow rapid ingestion, validation, exploration, and transformation cycle for data to expedite the normal iterative data-science flowchart and move your data into a better model to be available for machine learning processing or further analysis.

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BIM Project Coordination

The process in which Building Information Modeling is built to facilitate collaboration between architectural plans, structural engineering, and MEP engineering is called BIM. BIM Coordination has several goals, one of which is to deliver increasingly efficient collaboration outcomes by integrating a specific construction project with the efforts of different disciplines. 3D BIM coordination has clash detection as an integral component that identifies clashes among conflicting models and designs to arrive at the most workable and efficient solution to them.

BIM coordination deals with multidisciplinary models more often than not. These are the collection of several models brought together to help identify existing clash locations and associated issues. Examples of models that can be integrated with the multidisciplinary approach include:

  • Electrical services model
  • Landscape model
  • Exterior architectural model
  • Structural model
  • Prefabrication model
  • Mechanical services model
  • Interior architectural model

We provide you the best BIM coordination services by connecting you with top experts in the 3D modeling of buildings. We can work with you side by side to assist with all your BIM coordination needs so your team can focus on the design and production.

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Drafting and Detailing Support

Technical management teamed with experienced engineers, trained in-house over various CAD modules, have extensive hands-on production experience. We create 2D drafting/drawing of the client's 3D design models. This way, the client can focus on their core functions while we take care of the drafting work.

The technical management teams at Intel-x have received in-house training on several CAD programs. Coupled with their hands-on production experience, this helps them draft 2D and 3D models and their drawings. The additional detailing support we provide our clients makes sure they get the results they expected.

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Do you need a quicker way to automate decisions and configure your design? Using our years of experience in automation, we create next-generation product models for you. The Intel-x expertise coupled with the top-notch drawing automation tools offers your business intelligent engineering services that draw from custom rules and apply those rules to your. This gives you a head start on the new projects by simply automating most of your existing chores.

If you have a repetitive designing task issue, worry no more! Intel-x Engineering Technologies has helped hundreds of customers automate some of the most mundane and time-consuming tasks. This helped them save many hours in an engineer’s designing process. You should give our API services a try to automate your design and modeling chores today.

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